Zuber & Company LLP in Toronto

Zuber & Company LLP

Widely acclaimed legal team providing results-driven legal counsel across various practices that influence business success. Our steadfast commitment to client satisfaction and service not only defines our purpose but also propels our continuous growth. We foster robust relationships founded on a profound comprehension of each client's requirements, prompt responsiveness, and well-founded advice.

Featured Work

Our proven expertise encompasses successful mediations, arbitrations, trials, and appeals, earning us recognition in Best's Directories of Recommended Insurance Attorneys.

Our Approach


Managing Legal Costs

We prioritize cost containment for our clients by offering competitive industry rates, detailed billing reflecting the work done, and ongoing training for a cost-effective approach without compromising quality. Our firm, Zuber & Company, minimizes overhead costs and meets client needs with preferred pricing, discounts, and customizable billing methods. Embracing technology, we use up-to-date software and practice management programs, operating as a 'paperless firm' for environmental and cost efficiency, conducting correspondence and file-related processes electronically to simplify document access and keep disbursements low.

Investing in Our Staff

We firmly believe that providing quality legal service coincides with keeping up with the industry trends and professional development of our people. Our lawyers and clerks regularly attend industry conferences, seminars and courses to keep current with the law and effective practice management. In fact, our lawyers are often invited to lead professional development courses, panel discussions and seminars. Keeping ahead in legal trends gives our clients the assurance and confidence in our firm and as their trusted legal advisors.

Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Throughout our growth, Zuber & Company LLP has made a concerted effort to equity and diversity from both a gender and a cultural standpoint. One of the objectives at Zuber & Company is to give our staff opportunities and allow them to flourish. Our diversity has proven to be a strength as the firm continues to grow with individuals who bring with them a strong work ethic, competence, professionalism and new ideas, all of which has contributed to the success of the firm.
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