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subrogation recovery work

Our Subrogation Recovery Work ranges from private individuals to major insurance companies situated across North America.

Subrogation Work

We have extensive experience conducting successful mediations and arbitrations as well as trials and appeals. We are also listed in Best’s Directories of Recommended Insurance Attorneys.

At Zuber we have extensive experience in subrogation and recovery claims. From modest recovery related to residential losses that are litigated in Small Claims Court up to Superior Court trial experience and appeal work, we have handled subrogation in all shapes and sizes. 

The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the subrogation work we have done, which illustrates our broad experience in this type of work:

  • Fire Loss
  • Water Loss
  • Oil Spills
  • Product Liability
  • Pipe Burst
  • Dry and wet sprinkler systems failures
  • Construction Errors 8.
  • Wind Related Losses
  • Automobile Property Damage
  • Cargo Loss
  • Electrical failures
  • Contamination and pollutants

We have represented both the subrogee and defendants in these matters and are more than comfortable acting for both sides. 

Approach to Subrogation

When acting for the subrogee, we utilize a facts specific analysis in order to effectively determine the merits of the subrogated claim, a cost benefit analysis and liability assessment in order to advise the client whether we feel subrogation would be a worthwhile exercise. 

A wide array of factors can influence these decisions, but we do it on a cost-efficient basis for the clients in order to provide an opinion on whether we feel the pursuit of subrogation on any given claim would be meritorious with respect to the chances of recovery. 

We recognize that some subrogation efforts can be futile and, with this in mind, we ensure that the client’s time and money is not wasted on superfluous pursuits.

Following our initial assessment of the underlining facts, we typically set up a teleconference with the client to discuss our findings and make a decision on whether subrogation will be pursued. 

This initial analysis helps us vet our claims that would likely have to be abandoned after the litigation is commenced or claims where the chances of recovery are so slim that it is not worthwhile to pursue litigation. We further analyze the contributory negligence on the insured in any potential subrogated case as this could detrimentally impact the prospects of recovery. For example, if the insured was 90% at fault for a loss, a 10% recovery may not be advisable, and we would address this during our initial discussions regarding our analysis of the claim. 

The purpose of this analytical exercise is to save the client time and money and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we only recommend subrogated claims where there is a good chance of recovery, and the claim would not be frivolous in nature. 

Subrogation Recovery Team

Our subrogation team consists of a mix of senior and junior lawyers. Our most senior lawyers have over 25 years of experience with juniors who have been called within the last five years.  This way the team can handle the most complex subrogation cases all the way down to simple recovery cases.

We always try to match the complexity of a claim with the right lawyer to ensure that billing is done in a time efficient manner.

Additionally, we ensure that we utilize clerks to prepare damage briefs and summarize documents in order to be cost efficient and not have any unnecessary expenses on these matters.

Subrogation Recovery Work Lawyers

David Zuber
David Zuber
416.572.8340 dzuber@zubco.com
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Jamie Schacter
Jamie Schacter
416.572.8342 jschacter@zubco.com
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Neil Searles
Neil Searles
416.572.8355 nsearles@zubco.com
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Karim Hirani
Karim Hirani
416.572.8352 khirani@zubco.com
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Michael Best
Michael Best
416.646.3133 mbest@zubco.com
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James Tausendfreund
James Tausendfreund
416.572.8345 jtausendfreund@zubco.com
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