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Widely acclaimed legal team providing results-driven legal counsel across various practices that influence business success. Our steadfast commitment to client satisfaction and service not only defines our purpose but also propels our continuous growth. We foster robust relationships founded on a profound comprehension of each client's requirements, prompt responsiveness, and well-founded advice.

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Zuber & Company LLP welcomes students to an enriching legal experience tailored for aspiring professionals.

At Zuber, student recruitment is the first step in what we hope will be a successful journey with the firm. The Student Program at Zuber is designed to foster the growth and experience of students through hands-on exposure to the world of litigation. When hiring students, we are investing in their future as lawyers, as well as the future of the firm. Our goal is to develop all students to return to our firm as high-quality litigators.

Commitment to Diversity

Our esteemed Student Program is designed not only to unravel the complexities of Canadian law but also to champion diversity and excellence within the legal profession.

Zuber takes immense pride in welcoming and employing individuals of exceptional quality from various walks of life. Our commitment to diversity extends across different creeds, religions, and backgrounds, recognizing the unique perspectives and experiences each team member brings to the table. It is through this rich tapestry of diversity that our team leverages their life experiences to not only enhance the growth of our communities but also to consistently deliver optimal results for our clients.

At Zuber, our utmost priority is to foster an environment built on respect and support for all employees, irrespective of gender, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We believe that a workplace where every individual feels valued and included is not only a catalyst for personal and professional growth but also a key driver for the overall success of our organization. Embracing diversity is not just a philosophy at Zuber; it is an integral part of our ethos, shaping our culture, and driving us towards excellence in everything we do.

Key Features

Immerse yourself in our dynamic and innovative legal environment with Zuber & Company LLP’s Student Program.


Real-World Exposure

Engage in the intricacies of Ontario and Canadian law by working on actual cases alongside our seasoned legal professionals. Contribute meaningfully to the legal process in a diverse and inclusive setting.


Benefit from personalized guidance from seasoned lawyers dedicated to your professional development. Our mentors are committed to sharing knowledge, expertise, and insights, fostering a supportive environment for all.

Diverse Practice Areas

Explore various legal disciplines in the area of civil litigation and find your niche in a firm that celebrates diversity and strives for excellence.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with our extensive network of legal professionals, attend exclusive events, and build relationships in a professional community that values and promotes diversity.

Summer Student Program

Over the course of 12 weeks, second-year law students will have the opportunity to gain significant experience in civil litigation.

Our Summer Program begins with extensive orientation and training to ensure that all students are placed in the best position to succeed with the firm.

Throughout the summer, you will have the opportunity to take on work in a wide range of practice areas, where you will be mentored by lawyers with a variety of expertise.

You will gain significant experience akin to that of an articling student at Zuber, including but not limited to:

  • Attending watching briefs at various stages of the litigation process
  • Conducting legal research
  • Preparing draft legal memos
  • Drafting Pleadings
  • Assisting with Small Claims Court, Tribunal and Landlord/Tenant matters


Articling Student Program

Over the course of a 10-month articling period, articling students will have the opportunity to take on work similar to that of junior associates at Zuber.

Our Articling Program is designed to create a seamless transition from student to lawyer. As with our Student Program, our Articling Program is designed informally to allow students flexibility and variety in their practice areas.

Throughout the term, you will have the opportunity to gain significant legal experience to assist in your career development, including but not limited to:

  • Attending various stages of the litigation process, including discovery and mediation
  • Drafting memoranda, motions and legal opinions
  • Drafting pre-trial conference briefs
  • Conducting legal research
  • Arguing motions in Superior Court
  • Handling Small Claims Court matters, and other Tribunal matters.
Angelo Andaya

Law Student 2023/2024

From Our Students

As a Law Student at Zuber & Company LLP, my experience has been nothing short of amazing.I had the opportunity to immerse myself in this firm’s diverse practice while being able to contribute meaningfully. Working closely with experienced lawyers as well as learning along with other young students/associates has helped expand my knowledge in the field while providing me invaluable insight into the nuances of a legal practice. The firm’s commitment to mentorship and investment in my professional growth has allowed me to navigate the complexities of the legal field through the guidance of their team.

T. Shea

Student Program

From Our Students

My summer experience at Zuber and Company gave me hands-on experience in civil litigation and offered me opportunities to grow as a lawyer, actively applying the skills that I have accumulated throughout law school. The firm’s welcoming environment further enabled me to develop relationships with mentors throughout the firm and build my knowledge of the various sub-disciplines in which the firm operates.

Shehmeen Khurram

Summer Student, 2023

From Our Students

My tenure at Zuber & Company LLP was more than a summer at a firm; it was an immersive experience in a diverse and inclusive environment. The blend of practical exposure and mentorship empowered me to grow both personally and professionally. I am proud to have been part of a firm that values diversity and actively encourages students from all backgrounds to excel.

Our Students

Angelo Andaya

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Robert Palmeri

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